On Camera Make Up Tips For Men - How To Look And Feel Your Best

Learn what you need to do before you go on camera and how to use makeup indoors and outside plus some tips to make your skin look it's best. You can listen to episode 31 of Camera Ready With Val Brown here: visualbridgecommunication.com/podcast

To use makeup or not to use makeup on video - that is the question... 

At least it’s one I get asked A LOT.

And my answer is: how you show up on camera is more than what you are wearing, your hair and your makeup

In this post and next week's post I am going to share my Emmy award winning secrets about makeup and hair for video I learned over three decades producing television.


During that time, I've applied makeup for hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life.  

Most of them had one thing in common. They didn't know how makeup could help them look their best on camera. 

And I saw the same challenges over and over.

People would show up looking washed out, shiny or fatigued or wearing way too much makeup or they didn’t shave or their hair wasn't ready for primetime. 

Something I learned pretty early on as a producer who didn't always have access to makeup team, was they just didn't know what they could do to look better.

What I really wanted was to help them look their best. So I started doing research and watched the pros and learned how to apply makeup for video so I could help my on camera guests feel confident they looked their very best.

It was actually pretty amusing to watch lots of burly guys say "no way" to make up. When I explained to them what the lights and cameras could do to make them not look good, it was amazing how fast they said yes!

And that’s why I’m sharing these tips here today, I want you to know what you can do to make sure you look your best on video, every time.

Video is here to stay, so the more you know about how to show up looking your best, the easier it will be for you to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

When I started to prepare for this week's blog, I was going to create a single post on topic of makeup for video for men and women.  

When I got into it, I realized there was so much I wanted to share for both men and women, the only way to do it justice was to create two separate posts and provide tips you can both use.

This post is part one of two where I share makeup tips for men and next week I'll cover makeup for women.

Before You Ladies Decide To Quit Reading...

There's plenty of good advice that you can use in this post too! 

Lots of what I share here applies to everyone and you'll learn best practices for men so you can help that special person in your life when they are doing video.


Here's what you'll learn in this post:

  • the importance of lifestyle on how you show up on camera

  • things to consider about your hair and hair color 

  • makeup tips for indoors and outdoors

I also included some affiliate links to a few products I mention if you want to check them out as a starting place so you can research for your preferences and needs. 

So if you’re ready, let dive in.

What I want to go over today is more than make up. I also want to include some things you can do as part of your lifestyle to look great on camera period, and this is for men and women.

I’m going to start here because it’s the foundation to looking good on camera. And

because there are certain things makeup just can’t cover up. If you take good care of yourself, it will show on camera. You’ll exude health and a natural glow that makeup just can’t create.