Your story is the foundation of your business.

Whether you are an organization, entrepreneur, speaker, author or coach; it’s what makes you and your business unique and it’s why people want to work with you. Get the tools to capture, share and connect your audience to your story.

The power of your story starts with you.  

Here's how: 

  • Discover - your story building blocks.  When you sign up for your private 1-on-1 Tell My Story package, you and Val will capture key facts, pillars and shared understanding about your story. This is where you will review what you’ve created so far, bios, your "About" page and your Tell My Story worksheet.


  • Define -  your story strategy. You’ll meet with Val on a 30-minute Zoom video call to layout the approach to capturing and completing your signature story. This is your opportunity to really share the golden threads of your story. Val captures these key pieces and will use them as she writes your story from your perspective.


  • Develop -  your full professional story draft. Val will share a draft of your story from your perspective using all the information gathered in our story process. This is when you will see your story come to life and have a chance to review and make suggestions to make sure your story feels 100% “you.”


  • Deliver - the final review and edit your story. Meet with Val on Zoom to polish your story. At the end of this season you’ll have your story in hand and ready to use in your business!

Once you find your story let me teach you how to tell it, sell it and get you moving in the right direction!

Alicia C.

“I needed to get clearer about my story and and how it supports my business and my clients – after just one session, Val was able to pull together the threads in my story that I had been overlooking – things that support my expertise and why I love doing what I do.  That has really helped me in building my business! I highly recommend working with Visual Bridge Communication – it makes finding your “signature story” a rewarding process. An added bonus was the coaching session I had to prepare for a television appearance – I looked and felt great!”


Alicia Cuello

Owner, Underlying Communications