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Find your story to create business results and transformative change

It can be challenging, and at times, daunting to pull together all the pieces of your story, even though you are the expert on you and your business! There is so much you want to share about what you do, yet you are finding your story lacks focus and you don't know where to get started.  You'll know when you find your story because it supports your brand and the products you offer!


Tell your Story

Sometimes we all need coaching to get over hurdles that keep us from communicating effectively. At Visual Bridge, we work with you to find your voice to powerfully communicate your story whether in person or on video.  You’ll be prepared to look and feel your best when delivering your story using tested techniques.

Create Connections

Now that you have captured your story, what’s next? You need a strategic plan for how you will share your story so that it builds your brand, supports your products and connects you with your audience. At Visual Bridge, we help you define the context in which you will be sharing your story – it makes a difference to what platforms you will use and how you will deliver your message. Create your own path to success that aligns with your story!

Finding your own story can be hard to do. You can spend countless hours writing and rewriting yours. And, as an entrepreneur or organization, you know that your story is the foundation of your business. 


Learn how to tell your unique story in a concise and compelling way that connects your audience to your brand and supports transformative change. 


 “Visual Bridge Communication is an awesome resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to get clear on their story and connect the dots to use it strategically in their business.  Not only did I get clear on my story, Val worked with me to create a strategic communication plan (something I did not even know existed) to leverage my story across my brand.  She even coached me on how to deliver my story for maximum effect. Now I use my story with confidence and clarity to grow my business.”


Suzi Nelsen


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Go from shy and scared to fearless and confident

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