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Season One

Look, feel and sound your best in front of the camera. Whether it’s for business, social media, headshots or television, learn what you need to know to support your brand and deliver your message effectively with credibility and authenticity to your target audience. You can subscribe here.

Guest Podcasts

Speaker and HR pro Jennifer McClure interviews Val on Impact Makers "Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story" 

Jonathan Milligan interviews Val on Blogging Your Passion about how she got her business started and key lessons she's learned.

Interview with Mark Slemons about how our self limiting beliefs can make it harder to show up on camera on the Leader to Leader podcast 

part one

part two

Mike Kim interviews Val on Brand You  about "How to Prepare for Your Next Photo Shoot."

Val talks to marketing and podcast guru Jody Maberry about Looking and Feeling Great on Camera

Chris Dyer, leading HR authority and author of

The Power of Company Culture, interviews Val on Talent Talk

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Season Two

Season Three

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