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Develop your “signature story” messages and a strategic communication plan to engage your audience. Identify your target audience, messages and tactics and follow up so you know that your plan is working. At Visual Bridge we use a systems approach so that your communication strategy is in alignment your target market and environment.


My goal was to bring a personal touch to their message without losing the integrity of the technical aspects of of their business.


Here, the focus was to highlight how their business connected with the spirit of the community while providing a unique product.  Very cool company and people who run it.


 I learned so much interviewing VP David  and have never seen such passion for making a diference in transportation though technology using robots! It was awesome to meet the people behind the technology.

Chuao Chocolatier 

Take a tour of Chuao Choclatier with founder and master chocolatier, Michael Antornosi. A truly delicious experience!

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