How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Headshots Done - Today

Before we get started, let me ask you a question.

Do you ever procrastinate?

Yeah, me too. I’m pretty sure we all do at one time or another.

That's why in today's blog I want to share a sure fire way to beat procrastination. That’s right - how to beat procrastination. And for those of you wondering what that has to do with getting camera ready, by the end of this blog post you'll know, AND you’ll have the skills to stop procrastinating about being on camera, today.

Procrastination affects all of us and it’s what keeps us from living the life we know we are destined to live.

During the Dog Days of Summer I got caught up on some reading. My friend and copywriter Rick Marion recommended I read "The 5 Second Rule:Transform Your Life Work and Confidence With Every Day Courage" by Mel Robbins in one of our conversations and I’m so glad he did. (I only wish you had mentioned it sooner Rick)!

Hands down, it is the best book on taking action and putting procrastination behind you I’ve ever read.

The 5 Second Rule closes the gap between thinking about what needs to be done and actually DOING it.

It’s a total game changer. The reason I wanted to write a blog about this book is, mindset and taking action is the foundation of showing up well on camera.

We’ve all experienced procrastination’s grip when we are trying to do something new. There’s the unknown, learning curves, and lots of times it’s just plain hard.

I’ve found in working with clients, this is especially true when it comes to being in front of the camera. If you don’t know what you want to say, or why, where to look, what to wear or how to deliver your message, it can feel like trying to drive a car with a manual transmission.

How do you move forward when there are so many moving parts to master?

It's starts with mindset

What I’d like to do is share with you with I learned from Mel Robbin’s book as a first step in overcoming any hesitation you have about being on camera, whether its for photos or video.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hesitated for the same reasons you do. I want to lose 10 pounds, or I'm not sure whether my message will resonate, I'm having a bad hair day and so on.

Well, that has come to an end.

In this blog you’ll learn about:

  • The two types of procrastination

  • Why we procrastinate

  • How You Can Stop Procrastinating Today and get your headshots or next video done!

Okay - before we dive in let’s start with a little background:

Research shows we have only 5 seconds to act on an idea or instinct before we hesitate. And when we hesitate our fears, doubts and excuses take over and nothing happens.

Throughout the book, Mel shares a deep body of research about procrastination and how the brain works. She then offers a simple exercise to help you overcome hesitation by counting backwards from five, 5-4-3-2-1, and then hitting the GO button.

Here’s how Mel describes her life before discovering The 5 Second Rule.

“At age 41, my life was a mess. I was unemployed. Facing bankruptcy. Marriage spiraling. Confidence shot. Hitting the bottle hard.

I struggled just to get out of bed. Every morning, the alarm clock wo