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“Val has a unique gift of being able to take all of the pieces of a person’s story and find the theme that runs through it and put together an authentic, powerful story that connects with your audience. She took my good story and turned it into a great story that helps me connect with clients.”


Sonya Shelton


Executive Leader Consulting


 “Visual Bridge Communications is an awesome resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to get clear on their story and connect the dots to be able to use it strategically in their business.  Not only did I get clear on my story, Val worked with me to create a strategic communication plan (something I did not even know existed) to be able to leverage my story across my brand.  Then, she even coached me on how to deliver my story for maximum effect. Now I use my story with confidence and clarity to grow my business.”


Suzi Nelsen


Countries and Crossroads Travel


“A consummate storyteller with a mind for business is how I like to describe Val.  She understands the importance of authentically crafting and telling your story and how that supports your brand and your business.  I went from not knowing my story to glowing about my story, I love to share it every chance I get!”


Dilys Jones

Marketing & Communications Director

Valley Community Healthcare


“I thought I knew my story, that is until I worked with Val.  She saw things in my story I had never considered as assets.  After working with her, I realize that I had started building my expertise in my business before I even started my business. I just did not see the rich connections between all of my life experiences.  Val has a gift in pulling this out of you and turning it in to gold for your business. Get in line to work with her, you’ll be glad you did!”


Dr. Laura Hauser


Leadership Strategies International


“I needed to get clearer about my story and and how it supports my business and my clients – after just one story session, Val was able to pull together the threads in my story that I had been overlooking – things that support my expertise and why I love doing what I do.  That has really helped me in building my business! I highly recommend working with Visual Bridge Communications – it makes finding your “signature story” a rewarding process. An added bonus was the coaching session I had to prepare for a television appearance – I looked and felt great!”


Alicia Cuello


Underlying Communications

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