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I’ve been finding, writing, producing and sharing stories about people, businesses, organizations and the community for more

than 30 years, working in private business, the public sector and with non-profits. I’ve met some amazing people and have had the privilege of finding and telling their stories and was honored to join the ranks of Emmy winners while doing it.

Chuao Chocolatier

"Our stories are sacred containers that tell the world who we are and why we seek to reach our dreams. They are the means through which we connect with the people we want to serve and create meaningful change that touches lives in a positive way." 

On location in Carlsbad, Calif.

"My studies opened the door to a career in communication and visual storytelling  writing, producing and directing videos." 

Effective story telling creates an emotional bridge with your audience. Our stories are our unique signatures that capture our life’s struggles and successes. They are  how we understand who we are and the world around us. They are powerful vehicles to ignite change in our lives and organizations. They are the kindling that sparks imagination and innovation and unite us in a common direction to imagine the possibilities.

My business coach, marketing mentor and Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak

Bill Glaser, Glaser Kennedy

I learned this when writing a lot for corporate settings where the task was often to write a script to “fix” something. I knew there was no script

I could write to achieve the miracle they sought. I just lacked the language and skills to convey what I was sensing. That led me to Pepperdine University to do my grad work in organization development and to learn about change and strategy.

It helped me to learn to see the unseen; to ask questions about how we got here – something I use to find the real story and authentically tell it to help people and organizations through transitions.  That’s one of the reason’s I went back to school to get certified as a coach – it helps me help others see the unseen in their world. I feel pretty lucky to get to do something I love doing so much and help people at the same time!



Body Changes

This card guides you to focus on changes in your body so that you can influence it in a healthy direction. It’s time to take charge of your own health and remain optimistic. After all, the butterflies show us the power of going through physical changes, during the chrysalis phase. You are undergoing a similar preparation stage, which will bring you blessings of new strength and insights.

Whether your body changes are a result of the aging process, your medical status, or your lifestyle, this card reminds you that you have many options available. Give yourself permission to take positive and healthful action steps supportive of your physical well-being.

Additional meanings: A new exercise program • Changing your health-care regimen • Improving your diet • Getting a makeove

"She took my good story and turned it into a great story"




“Val has a unique gift of being able to take all of the pieces of a person’s story and find the theme that runs through it and put together an authentic, powerful story that connects with your audience. She took my good story and turned it into a great story that helps me connect with clients.”


Sonya Shelton


Executive Leader Consulting

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