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A lover of the ocean and raised in Southern California, the shoreline has always had a powerful influence on me. I have lived in or near the Carlsbad area for more than 30 years and when I am not hosting our neighbor's dogs at their favorite B&B (my house) you will find me walking with my better half, John of 38 years near the beach or enjoying lunch at one of our favorite eateries in the Village.


I love being involved with the community, attending council meetings and enjoying our local festivals, volunteering and basking in our incredible coastal beauty.


Getting healthy is really important to me.  A few years back I dropped almost 50 pounds, weight I put on in grad school (but that's another story!). I enjoy long walks on the beach and local trails, cooking delicious healthy foods and making world class smoothies and soups!


We are avid dog lovers.  Although we don't have children, John and I have had dogs almost our whole lives and all of them were members of or family. We miss you Mr. Kong, Big Mac and Jack. 

 Carlsbad, Calif.



World famous Carlsbad Flower Fields. 

   My beloved dog, Jack.

Leadership and Community


When I’m not telling stories, teaching or coaching, I love to spend time in my garden, reading or taking off on a travel adventure with John.


We all have a story to tell that is the foundation of our business. Looking forward to helping you tell yours!

"The emotional connection I witnessed when people identified hemselves and their role in making a place great is one of the greatest joys and honors of my work." 

Check one off the bucket list;

Lousie Hay and I share the same birthdate!!

"I went from not knowing my story to embracing my story"

“A consummate storyteller with a mind for business is how I like to describe Val.  She understands the importance of authentically crafting and telling your story and using it as a framework that supports your brand and your business.  I went from not knowing my story to embracing my story, and I love sharing it every chance I get!”


Dilys Jones

Marketing & Communications Director

Valley Community Healthcare, North Hollywood, CA

When I started my career in television more than three decades ago,  

I learned first hand how many people had powerful messages to share

that weren't being heard. In interviewing everyone from senators to streetsweepers I found that even though they had a great story to tell, they didn't know how to express it in a concise and compelling way.

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