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Val Brown, Influence & Impact, Teaneck, New Jersey, Aug. 2017

                          Change Your Story, Transform Your Life

Turn Your Setbacks Into
Stepping Stones Through
The Power of Narrative


your blocks





your message

your narrative

a strategy 

Val Brown, Founder, Visual Bridge Communication

Every business communicates, but few connect. The reason is most marketing sells, rather than tells. Your customers aren’t looking for a sales pitch, they’re looking for a story.


I’m Val Brown, and over three decades I’ve learned a thing or two about what really connects with people. I spent the early part of my career in television, scoring an Emmy along the way for producing. 


Here’s one secret I can let you in on: the techniques we used in creating award winning videos are the same as the ones used on Madison Ave — and I’m here to show you how to use these tested and timeless approaches to master your camera confidence, maximize your marketing and boost your business.  Read more>>>


Discover Your Unique Value

Connect with your clients and employees through thoughtful narrative.


Distill Your Core Message

Unlock your potential and create a clear path forward.


Deliver Your Brilliance 

Use visual media and the right platforms to connect with your audience.

What They Are Saying...

Sonya Shelton, CEO, Executive Leadership Consulting

“Val has a unique gift of being able to take all of the pieces of a person’s story and find the theme that runs through it and put together an authentic, powerful story that connects with your audience. She took my good story and turned it into a great story that helps me connect with clients.”

Sonya Shelton, CEO, Executive Leadership Consulting

"My wife and I were scheduled to appear on an international television show to receive an award and record a segment for our business.  We were nervous about what to expect. After working with Val we were confident and prepared and showed up looking and sounding our best for our interviews and b-roll. We nailed in in only two takes! She’s the REAL DEAL. If you have the chance to work with her, do so!"

Tom Dutta, Founder & CEO, KRE-AT, Quiet Warrior, Motive Based Leadership

Dr. Laura Hauser, Leadership Strategies International

“I thought I knew my story, that is until I worked with Val.  She saw things in my story I had never considered as assets,  I just did not see the rich connections between all of my life experiences.  Val has a gift in pulling this out of you and turning it in to gold for your business. Get in line to work with her, you’ll be glad you did!”

Dr. Laura Hauser, Founder, Leadership Strategies International

"If you want big results, work with Val.  She knows her stuff and is an authentic, knowledgeable guide. I needed clarity around my brand and business goals for a new product, and after working with her I’m moving toward my dreams.   She excels at breaking things down to make them understandable and then works with you to create a plan to execute on your goals. Working with Val is one of the best investments I’ve made - she delivers!"

Alex Kajitani, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers, California Teacher of the Year

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